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We are a small family farm on Maine‘s Midcoast. We enthusiastically support and practice sustainable and organic farming.


Pasture raised on organic land

Our diverse flock provides the most beautiful eggs.

free range, rotated on pasture, cage free 

4.00$ dollars per dozen 

Demand is very high call or email for eggs there can be a wait of a few days 


Switchback Farm Apiary

A good base for a healthy farm starts with bees, our honey has been called some of the best honey ever tasted! Look for our honey for sale at Lincolnville general store, Walpole Barn, and here at our farm.


Here is our story

Matt was a successful business owner in Massachusetts, and Maisie was a software analyst. Our family yearned for a life closer to the land, and to build a family business and way of life that would provide our children with access to as much green space as possible and we took the magnificent opportunity to move to Maine in 2017.   Our first year was full of research and experimentation. In the winter of 2018, we tapped our maple trees and eventually made six gallons of maple syrup. We started our apiary in May of 2018 with 5 packages of Italian bees from Rossman’s Apiary in Georgia sourced through David Spicer in Whitefield. We had attempted beekeeping together in Massachusetts and even though Maisie grew up helping her dad keep bees, we had so much to learn! Maisie was incredibly fortunate to take the Knox Lincoln County “Bee School” in the spring of 2018 and was able to vastly improve our knowledge of how to be effective stewards for honeybees. We now have more hives than when we started and are hoping our winter hive preparations will be successful in bringing the bees through the frigid winter. In the spring of 2018, we planted green beans, squash, pumpkins, peppers, and spinach to see how well they would grow. We quickly found that the local wildlife including mostly woodchucks and deer love to eat our crops. 2019 we sold at a farmers market and decided we will open our own farm stand at the farm 2020.   Our farm’s tale is always evolving and here we want to share our enthusiastic love of this land and our stories and images of working here. Our farm stand Plans to be open by memorial day pending what happens next...with regulations check our facebook page for more up to date posts.  

Knox Lincoln County Beekeepers

A good way to get started with bees is to get involved with the KLCB. Here is a link to the website . Enjoy!

Mangalitsa pigs are a heritage breed from Hungary, we forest raise our pigs in an oak forest full of acorns. Our lines came from the first lines in the states from Michigan Via Old crow Ranch in Maine

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